They Call Us is a feminist literary and art magazine meant to showcase the talents of writers, designers, and artists. However, our goal first and foremost is to tell the stories of people who feel like they often don't have a voice.  

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Think of a powerful womxn in your life, and how would you describe her? Confident, decisive, assertive or simply bossy? When describing womxn in positions of power, people often use the term “bossy” to negate authority, whereas men displaying the same behaviors are considered strong and confident. Despite the adjective not being outwardly gendered, it is predominantly used in a negative way to describe womxn in leadership. They Call Us Bossy highlights the discrimination towards womxn leaders, giving light to the gender stereotypes faced in the workplace.

Coming January 8th, 2021



“We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn.”

This pamphlet was made entirely in house by the They Call Us team. They Call Us Witches explores the intricacies of the label and tradition of witchcraft as it relates to feminism and sexuality. Witches combines research with creative storytelling and artwork published on Halloween. Inspired by the Wiccan spirit of our quarterly Coven Congresses, the pamphlet reclaims the label “witch” from villainous to empowering.

Coming October 31st, 2020



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No one looks like the women sprawled out on the cover of magazines. We stand in front of the mirror pinching at all our soft spots, wishing to be taller or shorter, burning our hair so it will lay differently, tinting our lips and hating our flesh.

No matter what you look like, at some point, you’ve thought your body was wrong. They Call Us Flawed attempts to unravel our unrealistic beauty standards and the detrimental effects they have on our minds and bodies. We picked this topic to argue that we are not perfect, and that is perfectly okay.

~ Kailah Peters, Poetry Editor

wolf girl ver 04 (1).jpg


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I never felt like my body belonged to me. I thought I was completely nuts for feeling trapped, for always struggling for freedom as though it was oxygen and the world was underwater. Every time I got a taste of freedom, someone pulled me back under. 

Through talking with other women, we noticed that so many others feel the same. We picked the adjective “theirs” to describe our first edition because of all the times we’ve felt like our bodies and minds belonged to someone else. 

They Call Us Theirs is a collection of short stories, poems, and artwork that discuss when we’ve felt like our bodies were not our own or objectified in the eyes of others. 

~Arran Bowen, Art Director

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