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Interested in submitting? We love hearing from new voices.

They Call Us puts forward a themed edition about every 3 months. We look for any submissions of prose, poetry, and visual art within that theme. We prefer that those who submit do their best to follow the theme of the current edition, otherwise, it will likely not be accepted by our editors. We encourage all who are interested to read through the guidelines below before submitting. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact us. 

Due to the number of submissions we get, unfortunately, we can only contact the ones who are accepted. If you do want a substantial answer, please reach out and ask.

Current Edition: They Call Us Catty

  • Anyone is welcome to submit writing or artwork to They Call Us. Please check our Instagram or website to see when we are accepting submissions as well as to gather more information on the theme of each edition.

  • Submit your work by filling out our Google Form. You can find this on our homepage. If you have any problems or comments, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

  • Submission periods for the team can be very crazy, but you should expect to hear from an editor after the submission period closes. If you don’t hear back within that timeframe please follow up with us.

  • All writers interested in submitting to They Call Us should consider the theme of each edition with their submissions. You are welcome to submit something already completed or create new work. You are more than willing to submit something that has been published somewhere else. 

  • Writing can be any genre, whether it be speculative or realistic. Feel free to get creative or use your own experience. 

  • The piece should not exceed 800 words.

  • Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions are both accepted.  

  • Once you’ve submitted, the Editors will get back to you with any edits, comments, or revisions. Both of you will work together to revise the piece. 

  • All artists interested in submitting to They Call Us should consider the theme of each edition with their submissions. You are welcome to submit something already completed from your portfolio or create a new work.  

  • Quality of work should be a digital print or scan for two dimensional pieces, or high quality photo for three dimensional pieces. Please submit your piece as either a jpeg or png, in full color if applicable.

  • You are more than welcome to submit multiple pieces for an edition, although each piece submitted will be judged individually unless it is considered part of a series.

  • If your work is accepted, you will converse with the Art Director for next steps. If your work is not accepted, it is most likely due to a high influx of submissions or because it does not fit the theme of the edition. We rarely turn away submissions for any other reason and always encourage applicants to submit again in the future.

  • All artists and authors who have submitted to They Call Us and have been accepted should acknowledge their consent to the following: 

    • They Call Us has permission to post writing excerpts or artwork to our social media accounts and website, as well as use authors’ work for publicity purposes. All of this will include proper accreditation to authors and artists. 

    • They Call Us has permission to request writing edits and suggestions, as well as make minor edits and changes to artwork in order to create the layout of the zine. Art edits can include but are not always limited to cropping edges and slight color changes (this happens naturally with printing). Any writing suggestions will not go into the zine without the author's final approval. 

    • By submitting to They Call Us, you recognize and accept this artistic process. If you have any objections to these guidelines, please communicate that to us in your submission email. 

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