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What makes us different from other feminist magazines? 

See an interview answering the question at Hypertext Magazine here,

and read an excerpt of Bossy here

“There is a New This Podcast Will Change Your Life. There is also the Kailah "KP" Peters and Meg Harris. Not to mention the period movement, 90s grunge, again, Zine culture, Gloria Steinemesque energy, beauty standards, unwanted attention, how those who are oppressed oppress others, They Call Us and witches as feminist icons.”

- Ben Tanzer

Hear our wonderful Podcast interview here

“The feminist zine spins stories with powerful magic glowing from the computer screen in feminist poetry, prose, and artwork. A magazine for the modern witch, the enchanting theme transfigures through the pages.”

- Caroline Kurdej

Check out the SPINE review of Witches here

“From the writing to the design, the zine is professionally and culturally brilliant.”

 - Gabrielle Rose Simons, DePaul Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse Professor

“a publication that is, in my view, extremely timely and extremely necessary.”

- Andrew DeCanniere.


Learn more about our interview with Splash Magazine here

See us featured among other feminist magazines, along with hearing from our Editor KP, on Trish Hopkinson’s blog here

“[They Call Us] challenged the unrealistic beauty standards going on today.”

- The DePaulia.


Read more of our interview here.    


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